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Latest Available Data: June 2021
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Net Income, Profit or Loss
NetIncome00190 - Net Income, Profit or Loss (-) (000) 
Operating Profit or Loss
OpProfit00140 - Operating Profit or Loss (-) (000) 
Operating Revenues
OpRevenueSchPax00010 - Scheduled Service - Passenger (000) 
OpRevenueSchOth00020 - Scheduled Service - Other (000) 
OpRevenueNonSch00030 - Nonscheduled Service (000) 
OpRevenuePubSvc00040 - Transport Related Public Service Revenue (000) 
OpRevenueOther00050 - Transport Related Other Revenue (000) 
OpRevenue00060 - Total Operating Revenue (000) 
Operating Expenses
OpExpenseFlying00070 - Flying Operations (000) 
OpExpenseMaint00080 - Maintenance (000) 
OpExpenseAdmin00090 - General And Administrative (000) 
DeprPrEqOwned00100 - Depreciation And Amortization - Owned Property And Equipment (000) 
DeprPrEqLeased00110 - Depreciation And Amortization - Leased Property And Equipment (000) 
TransExpense00120 - Transport Related Expense (000) 
OpExpense00130 - Total Operating Expense (000) 
NonOperating Income and Expenses
NonOpIntExp00150 - Nonoperating Interest Expense, Income/Expense (-) (000) 
NonOpExpOth00160 - Other Nonoperating - Net, Income/Expense (-) (000) 
Income Taxes For Current Period
Tax00170 - Income Tax, Credit (-) (000) 
Discontinued Ops., Extraordinary Items, or Accounting Changes
ExtraItems00180 - Discontinued Ops., Extraordinary Items, and Accounting Changes, Income/Expense (-) (000) 
Carrier Information
AirlineIDAn identification number assigned by US DOT to identify a unique airline (carrier). A unique airline (carrier) is defined as one holding and reporting under the same DOT certificate regardless of its Code, Name, or holding company/corporation.Get Lookup Table
UniqueCarrierUnique Carrier Code. When the same code has been used by multiple carriers, a numeric suffix is used for earlier users, for example, PA, PA(1), PA(2). Use this field for analysis across a range of years.Get Lookup Table
UniqueCarrierNameUnique Carrier Name. When the same name has been used by multiple carriers, a numeric suffix is used for earlier users, for example, Air Caribbean, Air Caribbean (1). 
CarrierCode assigned by IATA and commonly used to identify a carrier. As the same code may have been assigned to different carriers over time, the code is not always unique. For analysis, use the Unique Carrier Code.Get Lookup Table
CarrierNameCarrier Name 
UniqCarrierEntityUnique Entity for a Carrier's Operation Region.Get Lookup Table
CarrierRegionCarrier's Operation Region. Carriers Report Data by Operation RegionGet Lookup Table
CarrierGroupNewCarrier Group NewGet Lookup Table
CarrierGroupCarrier Group Code. Used in Legacy AnalysisGet Lookup Table
Time Period Information
QuarterQuarter (1-4)Get Lookup Table