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Air Cargo Summary Data (All)
October 2002 - July 2020
This monthly freight summary includes both freight and mail carried by U.S. airlines in all service classes (scheduled and non-scheduled). Data in this report goes back to October 2002 when a change in reporting requirements increased the number of reporting carriers and started collection of monthly all-cargo service data. For previous data (all-carrier summary only), go to Air Freight Summary Data, January 1991 - September 2002.  See Carrier Snapshots
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Summary of Cargo Revenue Ton-Miles* (in millions)
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* A cargo revenue ton-mile is one ton of revenue cargo (freight or mail) carried for one mile.
** A revenue ton enplaned is one ton of revenue cargo (freight or mail) loaded on an aircraft for one flight identified by the flight number.
*** International traffic reported by carriers that do not have Atlantic, Pacific, or Latin America entities.
SOURCE: Bureau of Transportation Statistics T100 Segment data