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Database NameDescription
American Housing SurveyThe American Housing Survey collects data on the Nations housing. Data are available for type of housing, household income, housing quality, housing costs, commuting characteristics, etc.Profile
Automobile Driving Cost vs. Public Transit CostEstimates of annual driving cost for U.S. drivers according to vehicle size/type and miles driven per year and some examples of transit costs.Profile
Automobile Driving CostsIncludes annual driving costs for five vehicles: a compact car , a mid-sized car, a large car, a light truck, and a mini-van.Profile
BTS Omnibus SurveyMonthly survey conducted by BTS to collect information from U.S. households on issues related to safety, mobility, the environment, economic growth, and national security.Profile
Canadian Travel to the U.S.Monthly and annual Canadian arrivals of one or more nights to the U.S. Annual data include province of origin, U.S. states visited, purpose of trip, activities, visitor nights, lodging, spending, and demographics.Profile
Highway Congestion (Urban Mobility Study)Provides annual estimates of driver-hours of delay, wasted fuel, congestion cost, and other mobility indicators for selected urban areas.Profile
International Visitor Arrivals Program (I-94)Official U.S. monthly and final overseas visitor arrivals to the U.S.Profile
National Transit Database (NTD)Annual data on performance, operations, safety, finances, and accessibility of over 500 transit operators in over 400 urbanized areas in United States.Profile
U.S. International Air Traveler Statistics (I-92)Estimates of point-to-point air traffic totals between the U.S. and other countries. Data are available for plane type, origin and destination, and air carrier.Profile
Vehicle Registration DataAnnual data on number of motor vehicles registered in each state by vehicle type.Profile
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