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Vacation TripNot listed as a main purpose of travel for the American Travel Survey. Respondents were asked whether or not a specific trip taken was considered as a vacation trip. Respondents were also asked the main purpose of a trip (e.g. sightseeing, outdoor recreation, entertainment, business, etc). ( American Travel Survey (ATS) 1995 )
Value Of ShipmentThe dollar value of the entire shipment. This is defined as the net selling value, f.o.b. plant, exclusive of freight charges, and excise taxes. The value data are displayed in millions of dollars. ( Commodity Flow Survey (CFS) )
Vehicle Mile of Travel (VMT)A unit to measure vehicle travel made by a private vehicle, such as an automobile, van, pickup truck, or motorcycle. Each mile traveled is counted as one vehicle mile regardless of the number of persons in the vehicle. ( Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey (NPTS) )
Vehicle OccupancyThe number of persons, including driver and passenger(s) in a vehicle; also includes persons who did not complete a whole trip. NPTS occupancy rates are generally calculated as person miles divided by vehicle miles. ( Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey (NPTS) )
Vehicle TripA trip by a single vehicle regardless of the number of persons in the vehicle. ( Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey (NPTS) )
Vehicle TypeFor purposes of the 1990 NPTS, nine vehicle types are: Automobile (including station wagon) Passenger Van Cargo Van Pickup Truck (including pickup with camper) Other Truck RV or Motor Home Motorcycle Moped (Motorized Bicycle) Other (Specify). See Means of Transportation for definitions of these vehicle types. ( Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey (NPTS) )
VehiclesIncludes cars, trucks, vans, recreational vehicles (RVs), and motorcycles. The number and type of vehicles owned or available for use by the household. ( American Travel Survey (ATS) 1995 )
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