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: Household OD
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Field NameDescription
FileIdFile Identification 
HouseholdIdHousehold Identification Number 
TripIdTrip Identification Number 
HouseholdTripWeightHousehold Trip Weight 
OriginRegionCodeRegion Code of Trip Origin 
OriginRegionNameRegion Name of Trip Origin 
OriginDivisonCodeDivision Code of Trip Origin 
OriginDivisonNameDivision Name of Trip Origin 
OriginStateCodeState Code of Trip Origin 
OriginStateNameState Name of Trip Origin 
OriginStatePostState Postal Abbreviation of Trip Origin 
OriginMetroAreaCodeMetropolitan Area (MA) Code of Trip Origin 
OriginMetroAreaNameMetropolitan Area (MA) Name of Trip Origin 
DestRegionCodeRegion Code of Trip Destination 
DestRegionNameRegion Name of Trip Destination 
DestDivisonCodeDivision Code of Trip Destination 
DestDivisionNameDivision Name of Trip Destination 
DestStateCodeState or Foreign Country Code of Trip Destination 
DestStateNameState or Foreign Country Name of Trip Destination 
DestStatePostState Postal Abbreviation of Trip Destination 
DestMetroAreaCodeMetropolitan Area (MA) Code of Trip Destination 
DestMetroAreaNameMetropolitan Area (MA) Name of Trip Destination 
All Rows Shown