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: Household Trips
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Field NameDescription
FileIdFile Identification 
HouseholdIdNumberHousehold Identification Number 
TripIdTrip Identification Number 
HouseholdTripWeightHousehold Trip Weight 
OriginRegionCodeRegion Code of Trip Origin 
OriginRegionNameRegion Name of Trip Origin 
OriginDivisionCodeDivision Code of Trip Origin 
OriginDivisionNameDivision Name of Trip Origin 
OriginStateCodeState Code of Trip Origin 
OriginStateNameState Name of Trip Origin 
OriginStatePostState Postal Abbreviation of Trip Origin 
OriginMetroAreaCodeMetropolitan Area (MA) Code of Trip Origin 
OriginMetroAreaNameMetropolitan Area (MA) Name of Trip Origin 
DestRegionCodeRegion Code of Trip Destination 
DestRegionNameRegion Name of Trip Destination 
DestDivisonCodeDivision Code of Trip Destination 
DestDivisonNameDivision Name of Trip Destination 
DestStateCodeState or Foreign Country Code of Trip Destination 
DestStateNameState or Foreign Country Name of Trip Destination 
DestStatePostState Postal Abbreviation of Trip Destination 
DestMetroAreaCodeMetropolitan Area (MA) Code of Trip Destination 
DestMetroAreaNameMetropolitan Area (MA) Name of Trip Destination 
StructureStructure Type 
UtilityVehiclesUtility Vehicles 
PickUpsPickup Trucks 
TrucksOther trucks 
RecreationVehicleRecreational Vehicles 
OtherVehiclesOther Vehicles 
HouseholdTypeHousehold Type 
HouseholdSizeHousehold Size 
HouseholdPersonsPersons in Household 
HouseholdIncomeHousehold Income 
FamilyIncomeFamily Income 
AgeHousehold1Age of Householder (Single-year increments) 
AgeHousehold5Age of Householder (Five-year increments) 
RaceHouseholdRace of Householder 
HispanicHouseholdHispanic Origin of Householder 
EducHouseholdEducational Attainment of Householder 
ActivityHouseholdActivity of Householder 
TrPartyTravelers in Travel Party 
TrPrTyHouseholdHousehold Members in Travel Party 
TrPrTyAdAdult Household Members in the Travel Party 
TrPrTyChChildren Under 18 Years in the Travel Party 
TrPrTyNhNon-Household Members in the Travel Party 
TrPrTypeTravel Party Type 
LeaveYearDeparture Year 
ReturnYearReturn Year 
ReturnQuarterReturn Quarter 
WeekendWeekend Trip 
NiteAwayNights Away from Home 
NiteFrndNights Away from Home in Friend's or Relative's Home 
NiteHotelNights Away from Home in Hotel, Motel, Bed and Breakfast, or Resort 
NiteRentNights Away from Home in Rented Cabin, Condominium, or Vacation Home 
NiteOwnNights Away from Home in Owned Cabin, Condominium, Vacation Home, or Timeshare 
NiteTrailerNights Away from Home in Camper, Trailer, or Recreational Vehicle 
NiteCorporateNights Away from Home in Corporate-Owned Housing 
NiteConferenceNights Away from Home in Conference Center 
NiteMilitaryNights Away from Home in Military Housing 
NiteDormNights Away from Home in Dormitory 
NitePassengerNights Away from Home as Passenger in Car, Plane, Cruise Ship, Train, etc. 
NiteParkNights Away from Home in Parked Automobile, Van, Station Wagon, etc. 
NiteSpaNights Away from Home in Health Spa or Health Resort 
NiteCampNights Away from Home in Work or Recreational Camp, Tent, etc. 
NiteHostelNights Away from Home in Youth Hostel 
NiteShelNights Away from Home in YMCA or Shelter 
NiteOthrNights Away from Home in Other Type of Lodging 
NiteDestNights at Destination 
LodgDestType of Lodging at Destination 
TransportOriginDestPrincipal Transportation from Origin to Destination 
FlightOriginDestRegularly Scheduled or Charter Flight from Origin to Destination 
CarrierOriginDestU.S. or Foreign Carrier from Origin to Destination 
TrainToStationTransportation to Origin Airport/Station/Terminal 
GCDToStationGreat Circle Distance (GCD) to Airport/Station/Terminal 
RouteDistanceToStationRoute Distance to Airport/Station/Terminal 
TransportFromStationTransportation from Airport/Station/Terminal at Destination 
VacationVacation Trip 
ReasonReason for Trip 
TransportDestOriginPrincipal Transportation from Destination to Origin 
FlightDestOriginRegularly Scheduled or Charter Flight from Destination to Origin 
CarrierDestOriginU.S. or Foreign Carrier from Destination to Origin 
GCDOriginDestGreat Circle Distance from Origin to Destination 
GCDUsOriginDestGreat Circle Distance from Origin to Destination, U.S. Portion 
GCDInternationalOriginDestGreat Circle Distance from Origin to Destination, International Portion 
RouteDistanceUsOriginDestRoute Distance from Origin to Destination, U.S. Portion 
GCDDestOriginGreat Circle Distance from Destination to Origin 
GCDUsDestOriginGreat Circle Distance from Destination to Origin, U.S. Portion 
GCDInternationalDestOriginGreat Circle Distance from Destination to Origin, International Portion 
RouteDistanceUsDestOriginRoute Distance from Destination to Origin, U.S. Portion 
GCDRoundTripGreat Circle Distance, Round Trip 
GCDUsRoundTripGreat Circle Distance, Round Trip, U.S. Portion 
GCDInternationalRoundTripGreat Circle Distance, Round Trip, International Portion 
RouteDistanceUsRoundTripRoute Round-Trip Distance, U.S. Portion 
InternationalDestFlagU.S./International Destination Flag 
StopSoStops to Destination 
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