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Field NameDescription
WacWorld Area Code 
WacSeqID2Unique Identifier for a World Area Code (WAC) at a given point of time. WAC attributes may change over time. For example the country name associated with the WAC can change, but the WAC code stays the same. 
WacNameWorld Area Code Name 
WorldAreaNameGeographic Region of World Area Code 
CountryNameCountry Name 
CountryTypeCountry Type 
CountryCodeTwo-Character ISO Country Code 
StateCodeState Abbreviation 
StateNameState Name 
StateFipsFIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) State Code 
StartDateStart Date of World Area Code Attributes 
EndDateEnd Date of World Area Code Attributes (Active = NULL) 
IsLatestIndicates if this row contains the latest attributes for the World Area Code (1 = Yes) 
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