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: Vehicles (1995)
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Latest Available Data: 1995All Rows Shown
Field NameDescription
HouseidHousehold identification number 
VehicleidHH vehicle number 
AnnualzdOdometer based annualized vmt 
AnnFlgReasons for missing ANNUALZD 
AnnEditFlag any edits/adjustments to ANNUALZD 
AnnOutFlag identifying ANNUALZD outlier alues 
CensusDivisionCensus division 
CensusRCensus region 
MsasizeSize of MSA of household 
AnnmilesSelf-Reported annualized vmt 
HhvehcntNo. of vehicles in household (derived) 
MaindrvrDoes one HH mem. usually drive this veh 
MakecodeFirst 2 char of NASS code 
Milelimt=1 if annmiles capped at 115K 
ModlcodeLast 3 char of NASS code 
PurchmonMonth of purchase 
Vehicle12mntVehicle received in last 12 mo 
VehiclemilesReported mileage for last 12 mo 
VehiclenewPurchased new (=1) or used (=2) 
VehicletypeVehicle type 
VehicleyearModel year of veh (yyyy) 
WhomainWho drives veh most of time 
PurchyrYear vehicle was purchas (yyyy) 
VarstratSample stratum 
DrvrcntNumber of drivers in HH 
HhelgcntNumber of eligible persons in HH 
HhfamincHH family income category 
HhsizeTotal number of persons in HH 
HhHispHispanic status of ref. person 
HhRaceRace of reference person 
LifeCycleFamily life cycle 
HhmsaMSA identification code 
MstrYrDate of master interview - year 
RailPresence/absence of rail 
SumStatSummary status code for household 
TravelDayMonthTravel day date (MM) 
TravelDayYearTravel day date (YY) 
WrkcountNo. of workers in HH 
WthhfinFinal household weight 
HhcmsaCMSA identification code 
OdDay1Date of first odometer reading - day 
OdMon1Date of first odometer reading - month 
OdYr1Date of first odometer reading - year 
OdDay2Date of second odometer reading - day 
OdMon2Date of second odomete reading - month 
OdYr2Date of second odomete reading - year 
OdRead1First odometer reading 
OdRead2Second odometer reading 
SubstratSubstratum within VARSTRAT 
HbppopdnPopulation density, block group 
HbhurUrban/rural code, block group 
HbhresdnHU density (units/square mile), BG 
HbhinmedMedian household income, BG 
AnulzdseStandard error of ANNUALZD estimate 
HhcmsaNmHH_CMSA description 
MstrMonDate of master interview - month 
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