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: Person Trips (1995)
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Field NameDescription
ProxyProxy respondent for person data 
RAgeAge of sample person 
RSexSex of sample person 
DriverPerson is a driver D9 
CensusDCensus division 
CensusRegionCensus region 
WorkerRespondent is a worker 
HhvehcntNo. of vehicles in household (derived) 
MsasizeSize of MSA of household 
TripnumPersons travel period trip number 
VarstratSample stratum 
HouseidHousehold identification number 
DrvrcntNumber of drivers in HH 
HhfamincHH family income category 
HhsizeTotal number of persons in HH 
HhHispHispanic status of ref. person 
HhRaceRace of reference person 
LifeCycleFamily life cycle 
HhmsaMSA identification code 
MstrYrDate of master interview - year 
RailPresence/absence of rail 
SumStatSummary status code for household 
TravelDayMonthTravel day date (MM) 
TravelDayYearTravel day date (YY) 
TperBmoTravel period beginning date (MM) 
TperByrTravel period beginning date (YY) 
TperEmoTravel period ending date (MM) 
TperEyrTravel period ending date (YY) 
TowhypasTrip purpose for passenger 
WrkcountNo. of workers in HH 
HhcmsaCMSA identification code 
CountryDestination country code 
DeststatDestination state 
HhtrpidTrip number for household travel period 
PersonidPerson ID number 
RetMonReturn month of travel period trip 
RetYrReturn year of travel period trip 
TowhytrpTrip purpose travel period trip 
ToTransMain transpiration means - period trip 
WttrpfinFinal travel period trip weight 
CalcdistCalc distance home to destination 
DrvrTptPerson was the main driver on trip 
SubstratSubstratum within VARSTRAT 
HbppopdnPopulation density, block group 
HbhurUrban/rural code, block group 
HbhresdnHU density (units/square mile), BG 
HbhinmedMedian household income, BG 
HhcmsaNmHH_CMSA description 
MstrMonDate of master interview - month 
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