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: Persons (1995)
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Field NameDescription
HouseidHousehold identification number 
PersonidPerson ID number 
ProxyProxy respondent for person data 
RAgeflgAge imputed 
RefRostReference roster number 
RAgeAge of sample person 
RSexSex of sample person 
RRelatRelationship to ref person 
DriverPerson is a driver D9 
DtconjHighway congestion 
DtpaveRough pavement on highways 
DtntfmlrUnfamiliar local areas or neighborhood 
DtacdtWorry about traffic accident 
DtwalkPoor walkways or sidewalks 
DtpolltnAir pollution by cars, trucks, and uses 
DttieupTraffic tie-ups or road construction 
DtstrtsRough pavement on neighborhood strets 
DtcrimeWorry about crimes against motorists 
PtusedHow often used public transportation 
PtcrowdDifficulty w/ crowding or getting a eat 
PttimeonTime spent on public transportation 
PtntclnTransit stations/vehicles not clean 
PtcrimeWorry w/ crime on public transportation 
PttransfTime and aggravation with transfers 
PtcostCost of travel by public transportation 
PttmndPublic transp avail time of day needed 
PtcarndHaving access to a car when you need it 
FqstbeltHow often wear seat belt when driving 
NsbfgetNot wear seat belt when forget 
NsbbrokeNot wear seat belt when broken/unavail 
NsbshortNot wear seat belt when short trips 
NsblongNot wear seat belt when take long trip 
NsbbackNot wear seat belt when in back sat 
NsbpsngNot wear seat belt when passenger 
NsbdrvrNot wear seat belt when driver 
NsbspvehNot wear seat belt when in certain veh 
NsbtownNot wear seat belt when in town/city 
NsbspperNot wear seat belt w/ a certain person 
NsbotherNot wear seat belt: other specify 
NsbhurryNot wear seat belt when in a hurry 
NsbspclhNot wear seat belt w/ certain clothes 
NsbnoaskNot wear seat belt when not asked 
NsbmedNot wear seat belt: medical reasons 
NsbnlikeNot wear seat belt: don't like to 
NsbtowrkNot wear seat belt when going to work 
NsbpolicNot wear seat belt:police not around 
NsbwthrNot wear seat belt when good weather 
YearmileHow many miles did you drive per year 
YmileflgYearmile mileage was capped at 200,000 
EducHighest grade or year of school completed 
JoblstwkHave full, part time job last wk or not 
Gt1jblwkHave more than one job last week 
WorkstatState of workplace 
Disttowk6.2 One-way distance to work 
UnitdistUnit of distance to work 
TimeleavTime usually leave for work 
TimetowkMinutes it took from home to work 
WkbyautoGet to work usually by auto 
WkbyvanGet to work usually by van 
WkbyuvGet to work usually by UV 
WkbytrukGet to work usually by pickup truck 
WkbyottkGet to work usually by other truck 
WkbyrvGet to work usually by RV 
WkbymcycGet to work usually by motorcycle 
WkbyopovGet to work usually by other POV 
WkbybusGet to work usually by bus 
WkbyamtrGet to work usually by AMTRAK 
WkbytranGet to work usually by commuter train 
WkbystcrGet to work usually by strtcar/trolley 
WkbysbwyGet to work usually by elev. ail/subway 
WkbyairGet to work usually by airplane 
WkbytaxiGet to work usually by taxi 
WkbybikeGet to work usually by bicycle 
WkbywalkGet to work usually by walking 
WkbyscbsGet to work usually by schoolbus 
WkbyhomeWorked from home 
WkbyothrGet to work by other means 
WrktransMain means of transportation to work 
WaitamtrMinutes wait for AMTRAK 
WaitbusMinutes wait for bus 
WaitsbwyMinutes wait for elevated rail/subway 
WaitstcrMinutes wait for streetcar/trolley 
WaittranMinutes wait for commuter train 
SitamtrUsually sit, stand or both on AMTRAK 
SitbusUsually sit, stand or both on bus 
SitsbwyUsually sit/stand/both on rail/subway 
SitstcrUsually sit/stand/both on trtcr/trolley 
SittranUsually sit/stand/both oncommuter train 
Sit2amtrUsually sit or stand most on AMTRAK 
Sit2busUsually sit or stand most on bus 
Sit2sbwyUsually sit or stand most on subway 
Sit2stcrUsually sit/stand most on strcr/trolley 
Sit2tranUsually sit or stand most on comm train 
PaytoprkPay parking at work? 
Parkamnt7.2 Parking fee to pay at work 
ParkcodeUnit of amount paid for parking at work 
UsuldrvUsually drive to work alone or carpool 
AlwysdrvAlways the driver? 
NcirrhrNot carpool-irregular/unusual hours 
NcnooneNot carpool-no one to carpool with 
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