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: Vehicles (1990)
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Field NameDescription
AnnmilesAnnualized vehicle miles 
CensusDivisionCensus Division 
CensusRegionCensus Region 
CmsaHousehold CMSA 
HouseholdFamilyIncomeHousehold family income category 
HouseholdlocMSA status 
HouseholdmsaFinal MSA number 
HouseholdsizeTotal number of persons in household 
HouseholdHispHispanic status of HH reference person 
HouseholdRaceRace of HH reference person 
HouseidHousehold-identifying ID number 
LifeCycleFamily life cycle 
MaindrvrDoes 1 HH member usually drive vehicle 
MakecodeNASS code for vehicle make 
MilelimtIndicator-mileage was capped at 115,000 
ModelcodeNASS code for vehicle model 
MsasizeSize of MSA or CMSA of HH 
MstrMonDate of Master Interview - Month 
MstrYrDate of Master Interview - Year 
OvownflgIndicator-VEHOWNER data edited 
PopulationDensityPopulation density category 
PovertyHH below, near, or above poverty level 
PsuIdPSU id 
RefAgeReference person age 
RefEducHH reference person education level 
RefSexReference person sex 
RepflagHousehold data was replicated 
UrbanInside/outside urbanized area 
UrbnareaUrbanized area status 
UrbnsizeSize of urbanized area 
VarstratVariance strata 
Veh12mntVehicle received within past 12 months 
VehhhownVehicle owned by HH member 
VehidHousehold vehicle number 
VehmilesReported vehicle mileage last 12 months 
VehmonthNumber of months owned vehicle 
VehnewVehicle new or used when received 
VehownerVehicle ownership if not HH member 
VehtypeVehicle type 
VehyearModel year of vehicle 
VownflgIndicator-VEHHHOWN data edited 
WhomainWho drives vehicle most of the time 
WthhfinFinal household weight 
HouseholdstfipsFips State Code (Federal Infor. Standards) 
StateNameState Name 
HouseholdstateState Code 
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