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: Segmented Trips (1990)
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Field NameDescription
HomebaseHome-based trip 
HouseidHousehold-identifying ID number 
PersonidPerson-identifying ID number 
PsuIdPSU id 
Segment1sitmSegment 1-mainly sit or stand 
Segment1timeSegment 1-starting time of this segment 
Segment1tranSegment 1-means of transportation 
Segment1waitSegment 1-waiting time, in minutes 
Segment1MinSegment 1-length of segment, in minutes 
Segment1SitSegment 1-sit, stand, or both 
Segment2sitmSegment 2-mainly sit or stand 
Segment2timeSegment 2-starting time of this segment 
Segment2tranSegment 2-means of transportation 
Segment2waitSegment 2-waiting time, in minutes 
Segment2MinSegment 2-length of segment, in minutes 
Segment2SitSegment 2-sit, stand or both 
Segment3sitmSegment 3-mainly sit or stand 
Segment3timeSegment 3-starting time of this segment 
Segment3tranSegment 3-means of transportation 
Segment3waitSegment 3-waiting time, in minutes 
Segment3MinSegment 3-length of segment, in minutes 
Segment3SitSegment 3-sit, stand, or both 
Segment4sitmSegment 4-mainly sit or stand 
Segment4timeSegment 4-starting time of this segment 
Segment4tranSegment 4-means of transportation 
Segment4waitSegment 4-waiting time, in minutes 
Segment4MinSegment 4-length of segment, in minutes 
Segment4SitSegment 4-sit, stand, or both 
TdayMonTravel day date-month 
TravelDayYearTravel day date-year 
TransferChange vehicles/means of transportation 
Triporigorigination point of trip 
TrippurpTrip purpose 
TripDestinationDestination point of trip 
Tripmilesmileage distance of travel day trip 
TripnumTravel day trip for respondent 
VarstratVariance strata 
WhytrpReason for day trip 
WttrdfinFinal trip-day wt (wtperfin * 365) 
HhstfipsFips State Code (Federal Info. Standards) 
StateNameState Name 
HhstateState Code 
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