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: Person Trips (1990)
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Field NameDescription
CalcdistCalculated distance-home to destination 
CensusDivisionCensus Division 
CensusRegionCensus Region 
CmsaHH Location - CMSA 
CountryCountry/province code (1 if U.S.) 
DestmsaDestination MSA number 
DestsfipDestination state FIPS code 
DeststatDestination state - travel period trip 
EditWhyIndicator-Reason for trip was edited 
Educhighest grade completed 
GProxyTravel period data from proxy 
HouseholdFamilyIncomeHousehold family income category 
HouseholdlocMSA status 
HouseholdmsaFinal MSA number 
HouseholdsizeTotal number of persons in household 
HouseholdHispHispanic status of HH reference person 
HouseholdRaceRace of HH reference person 
HouseidHousehold-identifying ID number 
LicDrvrAre you a licensed driver? 
LifeCycleFamily life cycle 
MsasizeSize of MSA or CMSA of HH 
MstrMonDate of Master Interview - Month 
MstrYrDate of Master Interview - Year 
PersonidPerson-identifying ID number 
PopdnstyPopulation density category 
PovertyHH below, near, or above poverty level 
PsuIdPSU id 
RefAgeReference person age 
RefEducHH reference person education level 
RefSexReference person sex 
RetaccmpAccompanied by others from destination 
RetdriveMain driver on trip from destination 
RethhaccAny HH member also from destination 
RethhcntNumber HH members on RET trip (incl. resp.) 
RethhvehHH vehicle used-return from destination 
RetmilesMileage of trip back from destination 
RetnonhhNon-HH members also from destination 
RettransTransportation method from destination 
RetwhodrWhich HH member was main driver 
RetDowReturn date - Day of the week 
RetMoReturn date - Month 
RetVehWhich HH vehicle used on return trip 
RetYrReturn date - Year 
RtdaflgRETDATE edited flag (=1 if edited) 
RtdrvflgRespondent was driver on RET trip 
RtnonhhcNumber of non-HH members from destination 
RtpercntTotal number of persons on RET trip 
RtvehflgRET VEH has been edited 
RtwhohhaWhich HH members came from destination 
RtwhohhbWhich HH members came from destination 
RtwhohhcWhich HH members came from destination 
RtwhohhdWhich HH members came from destination 
RtwhohheWhich HH members came from destination 
RtwhohhfWhich HH members came from destination 
RtwhohhgWhich HH members came from destination 
RtwhohhhWhich HH members came from destination 
RtwhohhiWhich HH members came from destination 
RAgeRespondent age for record 
RRosnoRespondent roster number 
SamecntyFlag for travel within same county 
TodrvflgRespondent was driver on TO trip 
TononhhNon-HH members also to destination 
TononhhcNumber of non-HH members to destination 
TopercntTotal number of persons on TO trip 
TovehflgTO VEH has been edited 
TowhohhaWhich HH members went to destination 
TowhohhbWhich HH members went to destination 
TowhohhcWhich HH members went to destination 
TowhohhdWhich HH members went to destination 
TowhohheWhich HH members went to destination 
TowhohhfWhich HH members went to destination 
TowhohhgWhich HH members went to destination 
TowhohhhWhich HH members went to destination 
TowhohhiWhich HH members went to destination 
TowhytrpReason for travel period trip 
ToAccmpAccompanied by others to destination 
ToDriveMain driver on trip to destination 
ToHouseholdaccAny HH member also to destination 
ToHouseholdcntNumber HH members on TO trip (incl. resp.) 
ToHouseholdvehHH vehicle used to get to destination 
ToMilesMileage of trip to destination 
ToTransTransportation method to destination 
ToVehWhich HH vehicle used to destination 
ToWhodrWhich HH member was main driver 
TperBmoTravel period beginning date-month 
TperByrTravel period beginning date-year 
TperEmoTravel period ending date-month 
TperEyrTravel period ending date-year 
TripnumTravel period trip number for respondent 
UrbanInside/outside urbanized area 
UrbnareaUrbanized area status 
UrbnsizeSize of urbanized area 
VarstratVariance strata 
WorkerIndicator - respondent is a worker 
WttrpfinFinal travel-period wt (wttrdfin / 14) 
HouseholdstfipsFips State Code (Federal Info. Standars) 
StateNameState Name 
HouseholdstateState Code 
RSexRespondent sex for record 
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