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: Persons (1990)
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Field NameDescription
AbsntjobHave a job/temp. absent last week 
AccidentdarkAccident occurred during daytime or dark 
AccidentDivAccident location (census division) 
AccidentovehAccident-any other vehicles involved 
Accidentveh1Accident-other types of veh. involved 
Accidentveh2Accident-other types of veh. involved 
Accidentveh3Accident-other types of veh. involved 
Accidentveh4Accident-other types of veh. involved 
Accidentveh5Accident-other types of veh. involved 
Accidentveh6Accident-other types of veh. involved 
Accidentveh7Accident-other types of veh. involved 
AccidentCtyPlace of accident 
AccidentDryRoad conditions for accident 
AccidentEvrEver been in accident as driver 
AccidentHwyAccident: interstate,freeway,or express 
AccidentInjuryAccident result in injury or fatality? 
AccidentMonthMonth of most recent accident 
AccidentPedAccident -- were pedestrians involved? 
AccidentRptWritten police report for the accident? 
AccidentVehType of vehicle in accident 
AccidentYrYear of most recent accident 
AnyworkDid you do any work last week? 
BegdrageAge when began driving 
CensusDivisionCensus Division 
CensusRegionCensus Region 
CmsaHH Location - CMSA 
DolastwkWhat were you doing most of last week 
DrageflgIndicates BEGDRAGE was edited 
DtcntPNumber travel day vehicle trips-person 
DtpmilpTravel day person-miles for person 
CtvcntPNumber of travel day trips for person 
DtvmilpTravel day vehicle-miles for person 
EdteducLevel of education has been edited 
EducHighest grade completed 
GProxyTravel period data from proxy 
HouseholdFamilyIncomeHousehold family income category 
HouseholdlocMSA Status 
HouseholdmsaFinal MSA number 
HouseholdsizeTotal number of persons in household 
HouseholdHispHispanic status of HH reference person 
HouseholdRaceRace of HH reference person 
HouseidHousehold-identifying ID number 
HProxyTravel day data from proxy 
IncFlgNon-family income has been edited 
InjuryMost serious injury from accident 
IntrchngPlace of accident-- interchange 
IntrsectPlace of accident -- interchange 
IntrvmonInterview date - MONTH 
IntrvyrInterview date - YEAR 
IProxyAccident data from proxy 
LicDrvrAre you a licensed driver 
LifeCycleFamily life cycle 
LProxyNon-family income data from proxy 
MsasizeSize of MSA or CMSA of HH 
MstrflgIs this the HH master case 
MstrMonDate of Master interview - Month 
MstrYrDate of Master interview - Year 
NonFamilyIncomeIncome category for non-family HH member 
ParkamntCost for parking at work 
ParkcodeTime period code 
PaytoprkDid pay for parking at work? 
PersonidPerson-identifying ID number 
PopdnstyPopulation density category 
PovertyHH below, near, or above poverty level 
PsuIsPSU id 
PtcntPNumber of travel period trip for person 
PtpmilpTravel period person-miles for person 
PtvcntPNumber travel period vehicle trips-person 
PtvmilpTravel period vehicle-miles for person 
PubflagAny public transit trips in daytrip file 
PProxyPerson-level data from proxy 
RefAgeReference person age 
RefEducHH reference person education level 
RepflagIndicates data for HH was replicated 
RAgeRespondent age for record 
RRelatRelationship to reference person 
RRosnoRespondent roster number 
Under14Respondent age 5-13 
Under16Respondent age 5-15 
UrbanInside/outside urbanized area 
UrbnareaUrbanized area status 
UrbnsizeSize of urbanized area 
VarstratVariance strata 
WmileflgWORKMILE mileage was edited/capped 
WorkdaysDays/week drive as part of work 
WorkerIndicator - respondent is a worker 
WorkmileTotal miles driven as part of work 
WrkdriveDrive a licensed vehicle as part of work 
Wrktran1Mode of transportation to work last week 
Wrktran2Mode of transportation to work last week 
Wrktran3Mode of transportation to work last week 
Wrktran4Mode of transportation to work last week 
Wrktran5Mode of transportation to work last week 
WrktransMain means of transportation to work 
WrkvtypeType of veh. drive as part of work 
WtperfinFinal person wt person-nonresp adjusted 
YearmileTotal miles driven in past 12 months 
YmileflgYEARMILE mileage was capped at 200,000 
HouseholdstfipsFips State Code (Federal Infor. Standards) 
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