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: Households (1990)
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Field NameDescription
AcciCntHHnumber of accidents during the last 5 year 
CarcountNumber of autos/vans in HH (VEHTYPE+1-3) 
CcityflgInside/Outside central city limits 
CensusDCensus division 
CensusRegionCensus region 
CmsaHousehold location - CMSA 
DrvrcntNumber of drivers in the HH 
DtcntHNumber of travel day trips of HH 
DtpmilhTravel day person-miles for HH 
DtvcntHNumber travel day vehicle trips-HH 
DtvmilhTravel day vehicle-miles for HH 
HouseholdEligibleCntNumber of eligible persons in HH 
HouseholdFamilyIncomeHousehold family income category 
HouseholdlocMSA status 
HouseholdMSAHousehold location - MSA 
HouseholdsizeTotal number of persons in HH 
HouseholdStateState postal code 
HouseholdStateFipsState FIPS code 
HouseholdvehcntNumber of vehicles in HH (VEHTYPE=1-9) 
HouseholdVehiclemilesTotal HH vehicle mileage (VEHTYPE=1-9) 
Household0to4Number of persons in HH age 0-4 
HouseholdHispHispanic status of HH reference person 
HouseholdRaceRace of HH reference person 
HouseidHousehold-identifying ID number 
IneligibleCountNo of ineligible persons in HH 
LifeCylecFamily life cycle 
MsasizeSize of MSA or CMSA of HH 
MstrMonDate of master interview - month 
MstrYrDate of master interview - year 
NonfmflgThere is non-family income for this HH 
NumberAdults# of adults in HH 
NumKidskids in HH age 5-21 
PopdnstyPopulation density category 
PovertyHH below, near, or above poverty level 
PsuIdPSU id 
PtcntHNumber of travel period trip for HH 
PtpmilhTravel period person-miles for HH 
PtrnAvlPublic transportation availability 
PtrnDisDistance--nearest public transportation 
PtvcntHNumber travel period vehicle trips-HH 
PtvmilhTravel period vehicle-miles for HH 
RefAgeReference person age 
RefEducHH reference person education level 
RefSexReference person sex 
RepflagIndicates data for HH was replicated 
RespCntNumber of respondents in household 
RptaccHH number reported accidents in last 5 years 
SunriseSunrise (military time, format HHMM) 
SunsetSunset (military time, format HHMM) 
TravelDayMonthTravel day date-month 
TravelDayYearTravel day date-year 
TravelPeriodBeginMonthTravel period beginning date-month 
TperByrTravel period beginning date-year 
TravelPeriodEndMonthTravel period ending date-month 
TravelPeriodEndYearTravel period ending date-year 
TravdayTravel day-day of the week 
TrkcountNumber of trucks in HH (VEHTYPE=4-5) 
UnrptaccHH number unreported accidents in last 5 yrs 
UrbanInside/outside urbanized area 
UrbnareaUrbanized area status 
UrbnsizeSize of urbanized area 
VarstratVariance strata 
Vehcountof vehicles in HH (VEHTYPE=1-6) 
WrkcntNumber of workers in the HH 
WthhfinFinal household weight 
StateNameState Name 
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