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: Day Trips (1990)
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Field NameDescription
CensusDivisionCensus division 
CensusRegionCensus region 
CmsaHousehold CMSA 
DaynightTrip started AM or PM 
DiffdateDays between travel & interview dates 
DrvrFlgIndicator if respondent was trip driver 
EditmileIndicator that trip miles were edited 
EditmodeIndicator that trip trans. mode edited 
EditH32Edit flag-H32A-D have been edited 
EditMinIndicated that trip minutes were edited 
EducHighest grade completed 
H32aMileage-2 or 3 lane roads 
H32bMileage-undivided highway 
H32cMileage-divided highway--4+ lanes 
H32dMileage-intersate, freeway, lim. access 
HouseholdFamilyIncomeHousehold family income category 
HouseholdLocMSA Status 
HouseholdMemberDriveDid HH member drive during the trip 
HouseholdMSAFinal MSA number 
HouseholdSizeTotal number of persons in HH 
HouseholdVehicleWhich JJ vehicle was used on day trip 
HouseholdvehcntNumber of vehicles in HH (VEHTYPE=1-9) 
HouseholdHispHispanic status of HH reference person 
HouseholdOntrpNumber of HH members on the trip 
HouseholdRaceRace of HHreference person 
HomebaseHome-based trip 
HouseidHousehold-identifying ID number 
HProxyTravel day data from proxy 
IntrvmonInterview date - month 
IntrvyrInterview date - year 
LicDrvrAre you a licensed driver? 
LifCycFamily life cycle 
MsasizeSize of MSA or CMSA of HH 
MstrMonDate of master interview - month 
MstrYrDate of master interview - year 
NonhhaccAccompanied by non-HH members on trip 
NonhhcntNumber of non-HH members accompanying 
NumontrpTotal number of persons on the trip 
OverlapOverlap indicator for day/period trips 
ParkFeePay for parking during the trip 
PeaktripTrip during peak period hours 
PersonidPerson-identify ID number 
PopdnstyPopulation density category 
PovertyHH below, near, or above poverty level 
PsuIdPSU id 
PubtransPublic transit trip 
RefAgeReference person age 
RefEducHH reference person education level 
RndmtripWas this the randomly selected POV trip 
RAgeRespondent age for record 
RRosnoRespondent roster number 
SegmentdSegmented trip (public transportation) 
SitmostMainly sit/stand on transportation mode 
StandsitSit, stand, both on transportation mode 
StrttimeStarting time of this day trip 
SunriseSunrise (military time, format HHMM) 
SunsetSunset (military time, format HHMM) 
SH32aScaled value of H32A 
SH32bScaled value of H32B 
SH32cScaled value of H32C 
SH32dScaled value of H32D 
TravelDayMonthTravel day date-MONTH 
TravelDayYearTravel day date-YEAR 
TransferChange vehicles/means of transportation 
TravelDayTravel day-day of the week 
TravwkndTravel day on weekend (1=Y, 2=N) 
TripOriginorigination point of trip 
TripPurposeTrip purpose 
TripHrsCalculated length of trip, in hours 
TripaccmpAccompanied by others on day trip 
TripDestDestination point of trip 
TripHhAccompanyAccompanied by HH members on day trip 
TriphhvehHousehold vehicle used on day trip 
TripmilesMileage distance of travel day trip 
TripNumberTravel day trip for respondent 
TripTransportMain means of transportation on day trip 
TrvlMinReported length of trip, in minutes 
UrbanInside/outside urbanized area 
UrbnareaUrbanized area status 
UrbnsizeSize of urbanized area 
VarstratVariance strata 
VehflgHHVEH has been edited 
WaitMinLength of time waited for transportation 
WhoaccARoster number of accompanying HH member 
WhoaccBRoster number of accompanying HH member 
WhoaccCRoster number of accompanying HH member 
WhoaccDRoster number of accompanying HH member 
WhoaccERoster number of accompanying HH member 
WhoaccFRoster number of accompanying HH member 
WhoaccGRoster number of accompanying HH member 
WhoaccHRoster number of accompanying HH member 
WhoaccIRoster number of accompanying HH member 
WhodroveWhich HH member drove during trip 
WhytrpReason for day trip 
WorkerIndicator - respondent is a worker 
WttohfinFinal type highway wt (wtnratoh*wt_rst) 
WeightTripDayFinalFinal trip-day wt (wtperfin * 365) 
HouseholdstfipsFips State Code (Federal Infor. Standards) 
StateNameState Name 
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