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Database NameDescription
Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS)ASRS is a collection data sets vital to aviation safety. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration maintains ASRS for the Federal Aviation Administration.Profile
BTS Omnibus SurveyMonthly survey conducted by BTS to collect information from U.S. households on issues related to safety, mobility, the environment, economic growth, and national security.Profile
Canadian Travel to the U.S.Monthly and annual Canadian arrivals of one or more nights to the U.S. Annual data include province of origin, U.S. states visited, purpose of trip, activities, visitor nights, lodging, spending, and demographics.Profile
Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI)Tracks fatal work injuries by industry, occupation, cause of injury, and worker demographic characteristics.Profile
Commercial Space Licensing and LaunchesQuarterly launch data is provided for commercial and noncommercial launches by country, payload, spacecraft, and success/failure of launch.Profile
Employment by Industry & OccupationProvides estimates of employment and wages for specific non-farm occupations.Profile
Federal Transit Administration Grant Assistance ProgramsSummary data on funding levels for each transit program by state and urban area.Profile
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by IndustryProvides GDP estimates by industry, including many transportation industries such as air, rail, transit, pipeline, trucking and warehousing, and water transportation.Profile
Hazardous Material Incident Reporting System (HMIRS)HMIRS contains data on spills, releases, or other incidents involving hazardous materials during the course of transportation. All modes of transportation are included except pipeline and bulk marine transportation.Profile
International Visitor Arrivals Program (I-94)Official U.S. monthly and final overseas visitor arrivals to the U.S.Profile
U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and SinksGreenhouse gas emissions by type and source, including transportation-related sources.Profile
U.S. International Air Traveler Statistics (I-92)Estimates of point-to-point air traffic totals between the U.S. and other countries. Data are available for plane type, origin and destination, and air carrier.Profile
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