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Data Profile: Intermodal Passenger Connectivity
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Intermodal Passenger Connectivity
The Intermodal Passenger Connectivity Database (IPCD) is a nationwide data table of 7,000 rail, air, bus and ferry passenger transportation terminals. The objective of the IPCD is to provide data to use in measuring the degree of intermodal connectivity in the passenger transportation system. Therefore, each terminal record in the data base describes the availability of intercity and transit rail, bus and ferry service along with airline service as well. This data has been collected from various public sources to provide the only nationwide measurement of the degree of connectivity available in the national transportation system. Data collection was complete in mid-2012. The data for all modes is updated periodically.
The database includes over 7,000 passenger terminals within the 50 states and the District of Columbia served by the regularly scheduled service of the following modes: intercity rail, commuter rail, heavy rail transit, light rail transit, scheduled intercity bus, code-share buses and supplemental service buses operated for intercity rail (Amtrak Thruway) and air carriers, intercity ferries, and transit or local ferries. Included in the intercity bus category are intercity airport bus services. All identifiable regularly scheduled stopping locations, whether or not a terminal building is present, are considered terminals for this database. Transit bus service locations are not specifically included in the database. The transit bus network involves stops at nearly every street corner in some cities, and there would be little benefit to listing every street corner in the IPCD. However, the status of transit bus as a connecting mode is included for each facility in the database.
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  • Data collection has been ongoing since mid-2006. Data is as of the 'updated date' shown in the record for each terminal.
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