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Data Profile: General Estimate System (GES)
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General Estimate System (GES)
The General Estimate System is a component of National Automotive Sampling System (NASS) maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The GES obtains its data from a nationally representative probability sample selected from the estimated 6.4 million police?reported crashes, which occur annually. These crashes include those that result in a fatality or injury, and those involving major property damage. By restricting attention to police?reported crashes, the GES concentrates on those crashes of greatest concern to the highway safety community and the general public.

GES is used to identify highway safety problems areas, provide a basis for regulatory and consumer information initiatives, and facilitate cost and benefit analyses of highway safety initiatives.
The data covers 400 police agencies within 60 geographic sites across the United States.
First Year1999
Last Year2001
   Summary Tables
   National Transportation Statistics
Motor Vehicle Fatal Crashes by Posted Speed Limit
Motor Vehicle Safety Data
Motorcycle Rider Safety Data
Occupant Fatalities by Vehicle Type and Nonoccupant Fatalities
Occupant and Non-Motorist Fatalities in Crashes by Number of Vehicles and Alcohol Involvement (AI)
Passenger Car Occupant Safety Data
Transportation Fatalities by Mode
Truck Occupant Safety Data
Alcohol-Related Highway Fatalities
Fatalities In Large-Truck Crashes
Injured Motor Vehicle Occupants, Pedestrians, And Bicyclists
Injured Persons In Large-Truck Crashes
Motor Vehicle-Related Highway Fatalities
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