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Data Profile: Aviation Accident Statistics
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Aviation Accident Statistics
The National Transportation Safety Board's (NTSB) Aviation Accident Statistics is a summary of annual aviation accident, injury, and fatality statistics. Data are available for scheduled and nonscheduled operations of commercial air carriers, commuter planes, air taxis and general aviation planes. Accident and fatality rates are also available.

Available data series include 1) accidents, injuries, and fatalities for air carriers, air taxis, commuter flights, and general aviation, 2) accidents, injuries, and fatalities for scheduled and nonscheduled flights, 3) planes damaged and destroyed per year, and 4) ground fatalities.

Visit Aviation Accident Statistics.
Aviation Accident Statistics covers U.S. domestic flights. Some information is available on U.S. carrier accidents abroad.
First Year1982
Last Year2001
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U.S. Air Carrier Safety Data
U.S. Commuter Air Carrier Safety Data
U.S. General Aviation Safety Data
U.S. On-Demand Air Taxi Safety Data
Commercial Aviation Fatalities
General Aviation Fatalities
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