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Field NameDescriptionSupport Table
Code assigned by IATA and commonly used to identify a carrier. As the same code may have been assigned to different carriers over time, the code is not always unique. For analysis, use the Unique Carrier Code.
Carrier Entity Code (5 digit)
Include all gross revenues accrued from air transportation and air transportation related services
Expenses incurred in the performance of air transportation and air transportation related services
Do not compute net income by subtracting Line (2) from Line (1). Net income includes the operating profit or loss recognized during the period except for prior period adjustments
Revenues generated from the transportation of passengers in scheduled service. Do not include cargo revenues, mail pay, excess baggage charges, subsidy payments, etc.
Balance of PFC collected but not remitted at the beginning of the quarter. This amount equals the ending balance of the prior quarter
The amount of PFCs collected in the quarterly period
Total amount of PFCs paid by the carrier to public agencies during the quarter
Equals the amount of money the air carrier is allowed to keep as compensation as the agent for collecting the PFCs plus any refunds of PFCs paid to passengers or the passengers agents
Equals the balance of PFCs collected but not remitted, refunded, or paid to the carrier as compensation at the end of the reporting quarter