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NPTS : Vehicles (1995)
Latest Available Data: 1995 Databases    Data Tables    Table Contents
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Field NameDescriptionSupport Table
Household identification number
HH vehicle number
Odometer based annualized vmt
Reasons for missing ANNUALZDGet Lookup Table
Flag any edits/adjustments to ANNUALZDGet Lookup Table
Flag identifying ANNUALZD outlier alues
Census divisionGet Lookup Table
Census regionGet Lookup Table
Size of MSA of householdGet Lookup Table
Self-Reported annualized vmt
No. of vehicles in household (derived)
Does one HH mem. usually drive this vehGet Lookup Table
First 2 char of NASS code
=1 if annmiles capped at 115KGet Lookup Table
Last 3 char of NASS code
Month of purchase
Vehicle received in last 12 moGet Lookup Table
Reported mileage for last 12 mo
Purchased new (=1) or used (=2)
Vehicle type
Model year of veh (yyyy)
Who drives veh most of time
Year vehicle was purchas (yyyy)
Sample stratum
Number of drivers in HH
Number of eligible persons in HH
HH family income categoryGet Lookup Table
Total number of persons in HH
Hispanic status of ref. personGet Lookup Table
Race of reference personGet Lookup Table
Family life cycleGet Lookup Table
MSA identification code
Date of master interview - year
Presence/absence of rail
Summary status code for household
Travel day date (MM)
Travel day date (YY)
No. of workers in HH
Final household weight
CMSA identification codeGet Lookup Table
Date of first odometer reading - day
Date of first odometer reading - month
Date of first odometer reading - year
Date of second odometer reading - day
Date of second odomete reading - month
Date of second odomete reading - year
First odometer reading
Second odometer reading
Substratum within VARSTRAT
Population density, block groupGet Lookup Table
Urban/rural code, block groupGet Lookup Table
HU density (units/square mile), BGGet Lookup Table
Median household income, BGGet Lookup Table
Standard error of ANNUALZD estimate
HH_CMSA description
Date of master interview - monthGet Lookup Table