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NPTS : Households (1995)
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Field NameDescriptionSupport Table
Census division
Census region
No. of vehicles in household (derived)
Size of MSA of household
Sample stratum
Reported dist. to bus (blocks)
Reported dist. to bus (miles)
Bus service availableGet Lookup Table
Distance to bus (miles)
Household identification number
Number of drivers in HH
Number of eligible persons in HH
HH family income category
HH respondent
Total number of persons in HH
State postal code
State FIPS code
Hispanic status of ref. person
Race of reference person
Tenure of housing unitGet Lookup Table
Type of housing unitGet Lookup Table
Stories in apt. buildingGet Lookup Table
Number of persons in HH age 0-4
Family life cycleGet Lookup Table
Number of adults in HH
Number of ineligible persons in HH
MSA identification code
Date of master interview - month
Date of master interview - year
Non-family income reported for HH
No. of weeks w/o telephone service
Without phone service in past yer?
Other public transit available
Age of person 10
Driver status of person 10
Person 10 relation to ref. personGet Lookup Table
Sex of person 10
Response status of person 10Get Lookup Table
Worker status of person 10
Age of person 1
Driver status of person 1
Person 1 relation to ref. person
Sex of person 1
Response status of person 1
Worker status of person1
Age of person 2
Driver status of person 2
Person 2 relation to ref. person
Sex of person 2
Response status of person 2
Worker status of person 2
Age of person 3
Driver status of person 3
Person 3 relation to ref. person
Sex of person 3
Response status of person 3
Worker status of person 3
Age of person 4
Driver status of person 4
Education of HH reference person
Person 4 relation to ref. person
Sex of person 4
Response status of person 4
Worker status of person 4
Age of person 5
Driver status of person 5
Person 5 relation to ref. person
Sex of person 5
Response status of person 5
Worker status of person 5
Age of person 6
Driver status of person 6
Person 6 relation to ref. person
Sex of person 6
Response status of person 6
Worker status of person 6
Age of person 7
Driver status of person 7
Person 7 relation to ref. person
Sex of person 7
Response status of person 7
Worker status of person 7
Age of person 8
Driver status of person 8
Person 8 relation to ref. person
Sex of person 8
Response status of person 8
Worker status of person 8
Age of person 9
Driver status of person 9
Person 9 relation to ref. person
Sex of person 9
Response status of person 9
Worker status of person 9
Presence/absence of rail
Age of reference person (yr)
Driver status of reference person
Sex of ref personGet Lookup Table
Response status of reference person
Worker status of reference person
Number of respondents in HH
Reported dist to streetcar (blocks)
Reported dist to streetcar (miles)
Streetcar service available
Distance to streetcar (miles)
Reported dist to subway (blocks)
Reported dist to subway (miles)
01= if subway service is available
Distance to subway
Summary status code for household
Travel day date (MM)
Travel day date (YY)
No. of phone numbers in HH
No. of HHs this phone number serves
Travel period beginning date (MM)
Travel period beginning date (YY)
Travel period ending date (MM)
Travel period ending date (YY)
Reported dist to train (blocks)
Reported dist to train (miles)
01= if commuter train service available
Distance to commuter train
No. of workers in HH
Final household weight
CMSA identification codeGet Lookup Table
Urbanized area code
Substratum within VARSTRAT
Basis for geocoding - householdGet Lookup Table
Population density, block groupGet Lookup Table
Current population, block groupGet Lookup Table
Percent families below poverty, blk grp
Pcnt HS grads (over 25), block group
Pcnt Colg Grads(over 25), block group
Percent 65 & older, block group
Percent foreign born 1990, block group
Percent Hispanic, block group
Percent White, block group
Percent African-Am., block group
Percent Asian- Am., block group
Percent Other races, block group
Population density, census tract
Current population, census tract
Percent families below poverty, cen. r.
Pcnt HS grads (over 25), census tract
Pcnt Colg Grads(over 25), census tract
Percent 65 & older, census tract
Percent foreign born 1990, census tract
Percent Hispanic, census tract
Percent White, census tract
Percent African-Am., census tract
Percent Asian- Am., census tract
Percent Other races, census tract
Urban/rural code, block groupGet Lookup Table
HU density (units/square mile), BGGet Lookup Table
Percent single family housing, BG
Percent multiple unit housing, BGGet Lookup Table
Percent other housing, BG
Percent owner-occupied housing, BG
Percent renter-occupied housing, BG
Percent units built last 10 years, BG
Median housing unit value, BG
Median household income, BGGet Lookup Table
Percent HHs, income < $15000, BG
Percent HHs, income $15000-$39999, BG
Percent HHs, income $40000-$59999, BG
Percent HHs, income $60000 and up, BG
Urban/rural code, census tract
HU density (units/square mile), CT
Percent single family housing, CT
Percent multiple unit housing, CT
Percent other housing, CT
Percent owner-occupied housing, CT
Percent renter-occupied housing, CT
Percent units built last 10 years, CT
Median housing unit value, CT
Median household income, CT
Percent HHs, income < $15000, CT
Percent HHs, income $15000-$39999, CT
Percent HHs, income $40000-$59999, CT
Percent HHs, income $60000 and up, CT
Jobs per square mile, census tractGet Lookup Table
Pct 16+ workplace pop, retl trd ind, CT
HH_CMSA description