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NPTS : Vehicles (1990)
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Field NameDescriptionSupport Table
Annualized vehicle miles
Census DivisionGet Lookup Table
Census RegionGet Lookup Table
Household CMSAGet Lookup Table
Household family income categoryGet Lookup Table
MSA statusGet Lookup Table
Final MSA number
Total number of persons in household
Hispanic status of HH reference personGet Lookup Table
Race of HH reference personGet Lookup Table
Household-identifying ID number
Family life cycleGet Lookup Table
Does 1 HH member usually drive vehicle
NASS code for vehicle make
Indicator-mileage was capped at 115,000
NASS code for vehicle model
Size of MSA or CMSA of HHGet Lookup Table
Date of Master Interview - Month
Date of Master Interview - YearGet Lookup Table
Indicator-VEHOWNER data edited
Population density categoryGet Lookup Table
HH below, near, or above poverty levelGet Lookup Table
PSU id
Reference person age
HH reference person education levelGet Lookup Table
Reference person sexGet Lookup Table
Household data was replicated
Inside/outside urbanized areaGet Lookup Table
Urbanized area statusGet Lookup Table
Size of urbanized areaGet Lookup Table
Variance strata
Vehicle received within past 12 months
Vehicle owned by HH member
Household vehicle number
Reported vehicle mileage last 12 months
Number of months owned vehicle
Vehicle new or used when receivedGet Lookup Table
Vehicle ownership if not HH memberGet Lookup Table
Vehicle type
Model year of vehicle
Indicator-VEHHHOWN data edited
Who drives vehicle most of the time
Final household weight
Fips State Code (Federal Infor. Standards)
State Name
State Code