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NPTS : Segmented Trips (1990)
Latest Available Data: 1990 Databases    Data Tables    Table Contents
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Field NameDescriptionSupport Table
Home-based trip
Household-identifying ID number
Person-identifying ID number
PSU id
Segment 1-mainly sit or stand
Segment 1-starting time of this segment
Segment 1-means of transportationGet Lookup Table
Segment 1-waiting time, in minutes
Segment 1-length of segment, in minutes
Segment 1-sit, stand, or both
Segment 2-mainly sit or stand
Segment 2-starting time of this segment
Segment 2-means of transportation
Segment 2-waiting time, in minutes
Segment 2-length of segment, in minutes
Segment 2-sit, stand or both
Segment 3-mainly sit or stand
Segment 3-starting time of this segment
Segment 3-means of transportation
Segment 3-waiting time, in minutes
Segment 3-length of segment, in minutes
Segment 3-sit, stand, or both
Segment 4-mainly sit or stand
Segment 4-starting time of this segment
Segment 4-means of transportation
Segment 4-waiting time, in minutes
Segment 4-length of segment, in minutes
Segment 4-sit, stand, or both
Travel day date-month
Travel day date-year
Change vehicles/means of transportation
origination point of trip
Trip purposeGet Lookup Table
Destination point of trip
mileage distance of travel day trip
Travel day trip for respondent
Variance strata
Reason for day trip
Final trip-day wt (wtperfin * 365)
Fips State Code (Federal Info. Standards)
State Name
State Code