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NPTS : Households (1990)
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Field NameDescriptionSupport Table
HHnumber of accidents during the last 5 year
Number of autos/vans in HH (VEHTYPE+1-3)
Inside/Outside central city limitsGet Lookup Table
Census divisionGet Lookup Table
Census regionGet Lookup Table
Household location - CMSAGet Lookup Table
Number of drivers in the HH
Number of travel day trips of HH
Travel day person-miles for HH
Number travel day vehicle trips-HH
Travel day vehicle-miles for HH
Number of eligible persons in HH
Household family income categoryGet Lookup Table
MSA statusGet Lookup Table
Household location - MSA
Total number of persons in HH
State postal codeGet Lookup Table
State FIPS codeGet Lookup Table
Number of vehicles in HH (VEHTYPE=1-9)
Total HH vehicle mileage (VEHTYPE=1-9)
Number of persons in HH age 0-4
Hispanic status of HH reference personGet Lookup Table
Race of HH reference person
Household-identifying ID number
No of ineligible persons in HH
Family life cycle
Size of MSA or CMSA of HH
Date of master interview - month
Date of master interview - year
There is non-family income for this HH
# of adults in HH
kids in HH age 5-21
Population density categoryGet Lookup Table
HH below, near, or above poverty levelGet Lookup Table
PSU id
Number of travel period trip for HH
Travel period person-miles for HH
Public transportation availabilityGet Lookup Table
Distance--nearest public transportationGet Lookup Table
Number travel period vehicle trips-HH
Travel period vehicle-miles for HH
Reference person age
HH reference person education levelGet Lookup Table
Reference person sexGet Lookup Table
Indicates data for HH was replicated
Number of respondents in household
HH number reported accidents in last 5 years
Sunrise (military time, format HHMM)
Sunset (military time, format HHMM)
Travel day date-month
Travel day date-yearGet Lookup Table
Travel period beginning date-month
Travel period beginning date-yearGet Lookup Table
Travel period ending date-month
Travel period ending date-yearGet Lookup Table
Travel day-day of the week
Number of trucks in HH (VEHTYPE=4-5)
HH number unreported accidents in last 5 yrs
Inside/outside urbanized areaGet Lookup Table
Urbanized area statusGet Lookup Table
Size of urbanized areaGet Lookup Table
Variance strata
of vehicles in HH (VEHTYPE=1-6)
Number of workers in the HH
Final household weight
State Name