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Motor Carrier Operators : Annual Report
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Latest Available Data: 2003
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(Identification)Contains identification numbers, contact and mailing information. Indicates the type of carriage that makes up the majority of the revenues.
(BS/CurrAsset)Schedule100:Balance Sheet: Current Asset. Contains account no. from 101 thru 105.
(BS/LongTermAsset)Schedule100:Balance Sheet: Long-term Assets. Contains account no 106 thru 109.
(BS/CurrLiab)Schedule100:Balance Sheet: Current Liabilities. Contains account no 110 thru 115.
(BS/LongTermLiab)Schedule100:Balance Sheet: Long -term Liabilities. Contains account no. 116 thru 119.
(BS/OwnerEquityCap)Schedule100:Balance Sheet: Owners Equity or Capital. Contains account no. 120 thru 124.
(IS/OpRev)Schedule 200: Income Statement: Operating Revenues. Contains account no. 201 thru 205.
(IS/Wages/Sal)Schedule 200: Income Statement: Wages and Salaries. Contains account no. 206 thru 212.
(IS/OpSupplies)Schedule 200: Income Statement: Operating Supplies. Contains account no. 213 thru 218.
(IS/InsExp)Schedule 200: Income Statement: Insurance Expenses. Contains account no. 219 thru 222.
(IS/MiscExpenses)Schedule 200: Income Statement: Miscellaneous Expenses. Contains account no. 223 thru 233.
(IS/NetIncLossCal)Schedule 200: Net Income Loss Calculation. Contains account no. 234 thru 242.
(OS/OpStat)Schedule 300: Operating Statistics of all carriers. Contains account no. 301 thru 311.
(RE/RevenEquipRpt)Schedule 400: Revenue Equipment. Contains account no. 401 thru 408.
(EI/EmpInfo)Schedule 500: Employment and driver information. Contains account no. 501 thru 510.