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Origin and Destination Survey : DB1BTicket
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Latest Available Data: June 2021
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Field Name  Description  Support Table 
ItinIDItinerary ID 
CouponsNumber of Coupons in the ItineraryGet Lookup Table
QuarterQuarter (1-4)Get Lookup Table
OriginOrigin Airport CodeGet Lookup Table
OriginAirportIDOrigin Airport, Airport ID. An identification number assigned by US DOT to identify a unique airport. Use this field for airport analysis across a range of years because an airport can change its airport code and airport codes can be reused.Get Lookup Table
OriginAirportSeqIDOrigin Airport, Airport Sequence ID. An identification number assigned by US DOT to identify a unique airport at a given point of time. Airport attributes, such as airport name or coordinates, may change over time.Get Lookup Table
OriginCityMarketIDOrigin Airport, City Market ID. City Market ID is an identification number assigned by US DOT to identify a city market. Use this field to consolidate airports serving the same city market.Get Lookup Table
OriginCountryOrigin Airport, Country 
OriginStateFipsOrigin Airport, State FIPSGet Lookup Table
OriginStateOrigin Airport, StateGet Lookup Table
OriginStateNameOrigin State Name 
OriginWacOrigin Airport, World Area CodeGet Lookup Table
RoundTripRound Trip Indicator (1=Yes)Get Lookup Table
OnLineSingle Carrier Indicator (1=Yes)Get Lookup Table
DollarCredDollar Credibility IndicatorGet Lookup Table
FarePerMileItinerary Fare Per Miles Flown in Dollars (ItinFare/MilesFlown). 
RPCarrierReporting CarrierGet Lookup Table
PassengersNumber of Passengers 
ItinFareItinerary Fare Per Person 
BulkFareBulk Fare Indicator (1=Yes)Get Lookup Table
DistanceItinerary Distance (Including Ground Transport) 
DistanceGroupDistance Group, in 500 Mile IntervalsGet Lookup Table
MilesFlownItinerary Miles Flown (Track Miles) 
ItinGeoTypeItinerary Geography TypeGet Lookup Table