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Database Name: Airline On-Time Performance Data
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Note: Over time both the code and the name of a carrier may change and the same code or name may be assumed by a different airline. To ensure that you are analyzing data from the same airline, TranStats provides four airline-specific variables that identify one and only one carrier or its entity: Airline ID (AirlineID), Unique Carrier Code (UniqueCarrier), Unique Carrier Name (UniqueCarrierName), and Unique Entity (UniqCarrierEntity). A unique airline (carrier) is defined as one holding and reporting under the same DOT certificate regardless of its Code, Name, or holding company/corporation.
On-Time PerformanceThis table contains on-time arrival data for non-stop domestic flights by major air carriers, and provides such additional items as departure and arrival delays, origin and destination airports, flight numbers, scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, cancelled or diverted flights, taxi-out and taxi-in times, air time, and non-stop distance.
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