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: Schedule A-1
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Property Description
NameSchedule A-1
DescriptionThis table contains historical information, from the third quarter of 1974, pertaining only to flights performed in scheduled service (nonscheduled and charter service data are not collected). These data reflect the number of aircraft hours, aircraft miles, departures, revenue passenger-miles, available seat-miles, revenue ton-miles transported by commuter air carriers in scheduled service. Note: Effective with the data for the data for the third quarter of 1999 and for the quarterly periods thereafter, the count of Revenue passenger Miles and of Available Seat Miles are presented in thousands. For data prior to the third quarter of 1999, RPM and ASM figures are presented in whole numbers.
First Year1974
Last Year2002
Latest Available DataJune, 2002
Aircraft HoursThe airborne hours of aircraft computed from the moment an aircraft leaves the ground until it touches the ground at the end of a flight stage.
Available Seat MilesThe aircraft miles flown in each inter-airport segment multiplied by the number of seats available for revenue passenger use on that segment.
Carrier CodeCode assigned by IATA and commonly used to identify a carrier. As the same code may have been assigned to different carriers over time, the code is not always unique.
Commuter Air CarrierAn air taxi that provides scheduled passenger service between two points at least 5 days a week.
Completed DeparturesTakeoffs made at an airport. (same as Departures Performed)
RevenuePertaining to activities for which remuneration is received by the carrier.
Revenue Passenger MileOne revenue passenger transported one mile in revenue service. Revenue passenger miles are computed by summation of the products of the revenue aircraft miles on each interairport segment multiplied by the number of revenue passengers carried on that segment.
Revenue Ton MileOne revenue ton (2,000 pounds) transported one statute mile.
Scheduled DeparturesTakeoffs scheduled at an airport, as set forth in published schedules. (same as Departures Scheduled)
Seat MileThe aircraft miles flown in each inter-airport segment multiplied by the number of seats available on that segment for revenue passenger use.
Small AircraftAircraft originally designed to have a maximum passenger capacity of 60 seats or less or a maximum payload capacity of 18,000 pounds or less.
Small Certificated Air CarrierAn air carrier which operates small aircraft, and holds a certificate of public convenience and necessity.
Ton MileOne ton (2,000 pounds) transported one statue mile. Ton-miles are computed by multiplying the aircraft miles flown on each inter-airport segment by the number of tons carried on that segment.