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: CTPP State Part C: Journey-to-Work (JTW)
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Property Description
NameCTPP State Part C: Journey-to-Work (JTW)
DescriptionThe CTPP State Part C: Journey-to-Work (JTW) provides detailed information about the commute trip from home to work, allowing the user to obtain such information as the origin and destination of each commuting trip, the travel time of the trip, when the trip began or ended including persons per vehicle and travel mode. The tables are available for a place (area with population 2500 or more), county or state.
First Year1990
Last Year1990
Latest Available Data1990
Commuter TripSee Journey-to-Work.
Journey-to-Work (JTW)The one-way trip from home to work, or a commuter trip.
Trip ChainingA term used to refer to the phenomenon of making intermediate stops as part of a longer trip. For example, stopping at a convenience store or day care center as part of the trip from home to work. Chained trips were not reported in the 1990 Census data.