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ATS : Household Characteristics
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Latest Available Data: 1995
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Field Name  Description  Support Table 
FileIdFile Identification 
HouseholdIdHousehold Identification Number 
TripIdTrip Identification Number 
HouseholdTripWeightHousehold Trip Weight 
TenureTenureGet Lookup Table
StructureStructure TypeGet Lookup Table
UtilityVehiclesUtility Vehicles 
PickupsPickup Trucks 
TrucksOther trucks 
RecreationVehicleRecreational Vehicles 
OtherVehiclesOther Vehicles 
HouseholdTypeHousehold TypeGet Lookup Table
HouseholdSizeHousehold SizeGet Lookup Table
HouseholdPersnsPersons in Household 
HouseholdIncomeHousehold IncomeGet Lookup Table
FamilyIncomeFamily IncomeGet Lookup Table
AgeHousehold1Age of Householder (Single-year increments)Get Lookup Table
AgeHousehold5Age of Householder (Five-year increments)Get Lookup Table
RaceHouseholdRace of HouseholderGet Lookup Table
HispanicHouseholdHispanic Origin of HouseholderGet Lookup Table
EducHouseholdEducational Attainment of HouseholderGet Lookup Table
ActivityHouseholdActivity of HouseholderGet Lookup Table
EditTenureEdit/Imputation of TenureGet Lookup Table
EditStructureEdit/Imputation of Structure TypeGet Lookup Table
EditFamilyIncomeEdit/Imputation of Family IncomeGet Lookup Table
EditAgeHouseholdEdit/Imputation of Age of HouseholderGet Lookup Table
EditRaceHouseholdEdit/Imputation of Race of HouseholderGet Lookup Table
EditHispanicHouseholdEdit/Imputation of Hispanic Origin of HouseholderGet Lookup Table
EditEducHouseholdEdit/Imputation of Educational Attainment of HouseholderGet Lookup Table