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Small Air Carriers : Schedule T-1
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Latest Available Data: June 2002
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QuarterQuarterGet Lookup Table
CarrierCarrier CodeGet Lookup Table
CarrierNameCarrier Name 
OriginOrigin AirportGet Lookup Table
OriginCityNameOrigin City Name 
OriginCityNumOrigin City CodeGet Lookup Table
OriginCountryNameOrigin Airport, Country Name 
OriginStateOrigin State CodeGet Lookup Table
OriginStateFipsOrigin State FIPSGet Lookup Table
OriginStateNameOrigin Airport, State Name 
OriginWacOrigin Airport, World Area CodeGet Lookup Table
DestDestination AirportGet Lookup Table
DestCityNameDestination City Name 
DestCityNumDestination City CodeGet Lookup Table
DestStateNameDestination Airport, State Name 
DestStateDestination State CodeGet Lookup Table
DestStateFipsDestination State FIPSGet Lookup Table
DestCountryNameDestination Airport, Country Name 
DestWacDestination Airport, World Area CodeGet Lookup Table
DomesticDomestic Flight (1=Yes)Get Lookup Table
DistanceDistance between airports (miles) 
DistanceGroupDistance Intervals, every 500 Miles, for Flight SegmentGet Lookup Table
PassengersNumber of Passengers 
FreightRevenue Freight (pounds) 
MailRevenue Mail (pounds)