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Ferry Census : Operators
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Latest Available Data: 2008
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Field Name  Description  Support Table 
OperatorIDA unique numeric identifier assigned to each ferry operator  
OperatorNameThe complete company name of the ferry operator 
PublicPrivateAre ownership and operation public or private?Get Lookup Table
PublicPrivateOtherDescription of "Other" type of provision of service arrangement, if indicated. 
RateRegulatedAre rates regulated by a public agency?Get Lookup Table
RateRegulatedByName of agency or agencies which regulate fares. 
CalendarFiscalDoes ferry business operate on calendar years or fiscal years?Get Lookup Table
FiscalBeginMonthBeginning month of fiscal year 
URLURL of the Operator 
OperatorStateState for the ferry operator mailing addressGet Lookup Table
OperatorZipCodeZip code for the ferry operator mailing address 
OperatorCountryCountry for the ferry operator mailing address 
OperatorCountryCodeCountry Code for the ferry operator mailing addressGet Lookup Table
SurveyYearYear of the Survey. 2008 Survey collected data for calendar year 2007; 2006 collected 2005 data; 2000 collected mostly 1999 
SurveyReturnedIndicates whether survey is returnedGet Lookup Table